How We Work

Every campaign, every nonprofit organization, every company and every project is different. While the goals might be similar (for instance, online fundraising), the resources, capacity, and context are never the same. That's why we have a holistic approach that we apply to our digital strategy work, whether you are a Democratic campaign, a progressive nonprofit, or a business that needs our services.

Start with Strategy

The first step is to establish the strategy we will pursue. Different strategies require different approaches and all our work is guided by the strategy, developed in collaboration with clients. We can't start without that strategy because otherwise, the work could be entirely misguided. For instance, if our strategy discussion uncovers that your target audience is 30-50 year old mothers, it might make sense to reach them on Facebook and developing a big Twitter advertising campaign wouldn't make sense. But we can't know that until we've done our homework.

Keep Going Back to Strategy

When we work on developing creative, whether that's a website design or a Facebook post, we'll be basing it off our strategy. And when we explain why we're trying something, that tactic will be a result of the strategy decisions we've made before.

Regularly Review Our Results

If things aren't working, we're going to fix it. We prefer monthly review meetings or calls, to go over the results for the past month and plan for the next month. During those review sessions, we'll look at our strategy and tactics for what's working and what's not, and we'll develop strategies to amplify the strengths and address weaknesses. We recognize that our first efforts might be good but we can always do better, and we're committed to delivering the best work to you.

Our Partnership With You

We aren't the type of consultants who will offer advice and then leave town. We're going to be there for you from the beginning and we'll be there to resolve any issues. But we can only do that with your help. We ask that you stay in communication so that we can keep moving forward to achieve your goals. And if you like the work we've done, we ask that you refer us to three other organizations that might benefit from our services.